Musette-Guitar is a trio made up of Andy Page and Scot Wise on guitars, and Zack Page on bass. We are called Musette-Guitar because most of our repertoire is drawn  from the classic musette waltzes of 1930s Paris. We play many from the great composer / accordionists like Gus Viseur, Jo Privat and Tony Murena. Plus we play some of the gypsy waltzes of Matelot Ferret, Django Reinhardt and Gusti Malha.

In terms of sound, our influences are the masters of the waltz played on guitar: Matelot, Sarrane, and Baro Ferret; Tchan-Tchou Vidal, Maurice Ferre and Francis Alfred Moerman. Some pieces are played using the familiar arrangements from the old recordings, some are from the playing of modern masters like Romane, and some are arrangements we have worked out together. We bring a huge diversity of influences with us, and thus we have developed our own unique approach to this old fashioned form of music. We are at work on a CD at the moment, to contain 16 of our favorites. 

Musette-Guitar is based in Charlotte, NC, USA. Because of our current schedules, we’re not doing many public performances, though we occasionally take on select engagements. On our page you will find some information about the equipment that we use, a little history of the music, a few photographs, some links to favorite sites, and eventually some sound samples.

Remerciements to all the people who have encouraged and aided our efforts: Ted Gottsegen, Michael Dregni, Tony Green, Neil Andersson, Paul Hostetter, Paul Mehling, Francois Rousseau in Quebec, Mark Levesque, Marc Massalin.  Maurice Dupont and Jean-Pierre Favino for guitars. Special thanks to Francis Alfred Moerman for his invaluable advice, generosity and guidance; Beth Wise and Amy Page for their patience, love, and everything.